Tuesday, September 25, 2012

New Shun Knives

WH and I got an excellent set of Henkel knives as a wedding present and they have served us well for the last five years. They were nothing too fancy but they were effective enough and we made good use of them.  For the last few months, however, we have been talking about a growing desire to buy a high end set, especially as keeping the old set sharp became increasingly challenging.

One day in July, we did our best to escape a heat wave in Prairie Metropolis by heading to one of our local malls. This local mall has a Crate and Barrel.  I love the store, but it's one of those places that I try not to go in to unless I feel like I have money to spend.  It's like Costco; I never go in there and just look around.  Everything I see there I want to buy buy buy.

Anyway, the heat was making us feel weak so we wandered in under some illusion that we were "just looking."  And we stumbled on the knives. And we droooooooled.  Because we had been talking about the purchase for a while, it didn't take very much work to convince ourselves that the time to make the purchase was then.  So we dropped a ridiculous quantity of money on a brand new Shun knife set.

This one, to be exact:

Dudes.  Totally worth every penny. They are absolutely beautiful, perfectly sharp and have a wonderful balanced weight.  The handles feel strong and secure  and the knives seem to do the work for you.  We love them.  A particular favourite is the 6" tomato knife (second knife from the right in the picture above) which has a very small serration that makes slicing vegetables simple and easy.

The block that these came in still had some empty slots so WH's parents bought us this knife to add to the collection:

It's called a 6" Ultimate Utility Knife but the saleslady referred to it as a "Sandwich Knife."  This knife does everything you need to make a sandwich.  Slices ingredients, spreads filling, cuts crusts, etc. etc.  As a family that loves our grilled cheese sandwiches, this knife is a wonderful addition.  I recommend it. 

Overall, we've been thrilled with the new knives and we've been happy choppers ever since they arrived.  We still have a couple of slots in the block to fill.  Any recommendations?

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