Sunday, September 23, 2012

First Baby Food

Miss A is now 6 months old so we have begun to give her little bits of solid food.  It's a part of her development that to which I've been very much looking forward!  Any time that she has discovered something new - her hands, her feet, smiling, laughing, rolling - she has embraced it so completely that I can't help but look forward to all of the discoveries that come with eating new things. My hope for her is that she develops a sense of adventure with food that lasts for her whole life.

We started her with rice cereal last week and she has pretty consistently eaten a teaspoon or two of it.  We have also tried oatmeal cereal but she hasn't embraced it quite as warmly.  The dietician at the local clinic suggested to my New Mom's Group that it may take upwards of a dozen separate 'tries' before a baby will accept a new food so we'll keep trying with the oatmeal every couple of days.

Other than the cereal, which really can't be made from scratch at home because of the important iron fortifications found in store-bought cereals, my hope is to make most of A's food at home. Along with resources provided by our local health services, I have been relying heavily on a book called The Baby's Table for recipes and meal plans. I have found it a comprehensive and useful guide thus far and the recipes are very simple!

After cereal, the next food that we gave her was pureed chicken. She has been generally open to trying the chicken and it's been fun to watch her work the little bit of texture in the chicken around in her mouth before swallowing.  You can almost see the wheels turning in her head!

That's all that we've tried so far, but in the freezer I have pureed sweet potato, which I think we'll try later today, mashed avocado and apple sauce. Our plan is to introduce something new every two or three days. 

While A has been generally accepting of the new experience, she has yet to have a real AHA moment.  She is consistently a bit reluctant to open her mouth widely for the spoon, preferring instead to 'sip' the food off the edge.  I've been pleased that she often reaches for the spoon and when she gets a good hold on it, she puts it into her mouth herself. 

Along with giving A solid food, we have begun to teach her to drink a little bit of water from an open cup and she is taking to that very well. 

I'll keep blogging about how it's going, along with my usual posts about A's parents' eating adventures!

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