Thursday, May 10, 2012

One Hundred Mile

John and I are looking forward to a summer at home together while we practice being a family of three with our new daughter, Annie.  We have a number of things planned to take advantage of being home and one of them is a kind of one hundred mile challenge for our meals.

One of the advantages of living in Alberta is that there are many local farms and producers close by that a person can access, either through direct contact with the farmers or via one of the many local farmers' markets.  We've started collecting information about some of these vendors mostly through market websites and through Twitter.  In the next week, we'll start visiting markets and shifting our meal planning to accommodate a different kind of food shopping routine.

We don't think that it's realistic for us to expect to get 100% of our food from within a one hundred mile radius. Practicality and budget constraints are both factors that will challenge us. So we're going to focus mostly on meat and produce for the time being and see how we do. We've found some dairy and grain producers as well that we'll pursue further!

Stay tuned for stories about our one hundred mile experience!  I've added John as an author on this blog, so you'll hear from him as well!

And if you're lucky, we'll post pictures of Annie experiencing the markets.

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