Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Julian Serrano in Vegas

I recently came back from a trip to Las Vegas that included a memorable meal at Julian Serrano's tapas restaurant in the Aria Hotel. 

I had never gone for tapas before this experience, but I've always liked the idea of it - tiny morsels of this and that and the other thing shared among friends and family.  And the Julian Serrano experience more than lived up to my expectations!  We ate, among other things, mussels (the best I've ever had), roasted potatoes with aioli, a kind of tomato spread on warm bread, chorizo, lamb chops, and the most incredible wild mushroom risotto.

Top it off with a wonderful glass of red wine, the variety of which I can't recall (it was THAT wonderful!) and you have yourself a perfect evening.

If you're in Vegas, I would strongly recommend this restaurant.  For price, it's a little bit on the high side, but not ridiculously so.  Our meal, including drinks, came to almost exactly $100 for three of us. 

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