Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ingredient of the Week: Scallops

As a way to ensure that the meal-planning around our place remains a family activity, I've begun asking Wonder Hubby to identify a new ingredient or technique or concept to try each week.  I then take that suggestion and find a recipe to fulfill it! Because WH is a creative and thoughtful fellow, our first couple of weeks have resulted in very interesting new ingredients for us and some delicious recipes!

The first week, WH asked for something with scallops.

Now, I don't eat a lot of seafood.  I like salmon very much, I LOVE sushi, I have a crab dip recipe that is delicious, I'm always happy to see a shrimp ring at a party, but I've had mixed success with other kinds of fish and anything that has even the faintest fishy smell is a non-starter. That said, I have very very little experience cooking scallops and I've always thought that they look so delicious on TV.  So I was eager to give it a shot!

I found and selected this recipe from Martha Stewart for Seared Scallops with Bacon.

Given how much Chef Ramsey yells at the poor contestants on Hell's Kitchen about terribly cooked scallops, I had the idea that it must be IMPOSSIBLE to cook them rooted firmly in my mind.  But it was not impossible at all; in fact, it was quite simple. All you have to do is watch the scallops. It took longer than Martha suggested it would in the recipe, but I kept a careful eye on the scallops until they looked to me to have the desired browness and opacity.  And they were perfectly done!

I served them with a very simple spinach salad to make a light, delicious meal!


  1. sometime we should make Coquilles St. Jacques...I have the "Coquilles" to serve them in!!!

  2. I've been terrified of trying to cook scallops because of Hell's Kitchen too! Maybe it`s time I also conquer that fear.