Friday, February 18, 2011

Food on the Web

I have long been interested in online cooking resources.  Some other time I'll blog about resources that help the user manage their own cooking, planning and shopping, like Kitchen Monki and Key Ingredient, but today I want to focus on recipe sites.

There are, of course, many thousands of websites dedicated to providing recipes.  There are sites for specific ingredients, specific chefs, specific cooking franchises, cooking shows, cooking styles, cooking restrictions and on and on.  A google search of any ingredient or dish will yield hundreds of related links.  It can be overwhelming!

Recently, a new website has appeared that seeks to help users navigate the web of online recipe options!  Meet Foodily.

The site searches across the web for recipes and consolidates them on the single site.  An additional bonus is the ability to refine the search by excluding an ingredient.  For example, gluten-free users can search for cake without flour.   If you're asking how the site gets away with pulling information from other sites, a user links to the original source site in order to see the full recipe, but can view enough of the recipe on Foodily to know if it meets his/her needs.  I've already found a few recipes using Foodily, including a wonderful recipe for Crunchy Garlic Chicken from Jamie Oliver.

Check it out!

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