Saturday, January 29, 2011

Liquid Smoke

This last week, we added a new ingredient to the pantry at One-Oh-Six!

We were making a slow-cooker turkey chili recipe from the latest Weight Watchers cookbook and it called for liquid smoke. Neither John or I have ever had the occasion to use liquid smoke in cooking before, so we weren't even sure where to find it in the grocery store.  The local mega-grocery store only carries one brand (not the brand pictured here) retailing for about $5.00 for a 150 mL bottle.  Not too bad, given how little of it you use for any given recipe.  (1/4 tsp in the recipe we were following)

We found the addition of the smoky flavour to be entirely lovely and have now thought about other things to which we might add liquid smoke, including our own beef chili recipe and John's famous barbecue sauce.   I think that the key is that less is more and it would be pretty easy to ruin a recipe by overdoing it. I'll be interested to taste how the liquid smoke interacts with flavours created by the BBQ itself and if the combination of liquid smoke and real smoke is overwhelming.

Do you have recipes in which you use liquid smoke?  Please use the comments to tell me about them!

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  1. my granddad loved using liquid smoke in his beans.