Sunday, October 10, 2010

Thanksgiving Dinner

This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving, which means that it's time for TURKEY!

I love cooking turkey and all the things that go with it. For us, that means mashed potatoes, stuffing, a green vegetable (tonight, broccoli), cranberry sauce, gravy, hollandaise sauce, pumpkin pie and whipped cream. I cook my turkey in a pretty simple fashion, with stuffing. The turkey goes in at 325 and cooks covered for the first half. Basting happens liberally every twenty minutes. At the half way point, when the lid comes off, the turkey gets a good shake of paprika for colour.

Here's the bird:
And here's John whisking the gravy:

And here's the whole meal with an unwelcome guest:

And here it is a bit closer and without the guest.

Oh yes, and here's the pie!!Everything was delicious!!! Tonight, the meal was just for John and me, but that didn't make it any less pleasant to prepare or to eat. And it did mean that we ate it in our pajamas.

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