Wednesday, August 25, 2010

One-Pot Cooking

I love one-pot cooking.

I don't think that I was aware of one-pot cooking as a formal concept until very recently. Obviously, I knew that some things like soup and chili and stew etc. were cooked in one pot, but until my husband and I started doing more adventurous cooking did I really realize the joy that comes from building a meal in one vessel.

Last night, I was making a chicken cauliflower curry from Make it Tonight, one of my favourite cookbooks from Canadian Living. The recipe is a lovely combination of flavours including tomato, apple, jalapeno, raisins and of course, the three in the recipe title. And I was thinking, as I was cooking away, how much joy I was getting from seeing the colour and the textures build up into the meal, piece by piece. Onions and jalapeno are the first piece, then curry paste, then diced tomato, then the sauteed chicken, cauliflower and apple, then some frozen corn. For some reason, watching the whole meal come together in front of me is profoundly satisfying.

I have a couple of other one-pot meals that have become favourites in the last year including a sausage and mushroom stew that is made with chicken and turkey sausage for extra healthiness and a spicy beef dish that will take you through your paprika supply pretty quickly. I was thinking the other day that it was time to make another big pot of hearty soup for the freezer, as the busy month of September looms ahead of us.

What are your one-pot favourites?


  1. Made this last night:

    It's a one-pot dish (but the pot is a skillet)

  2. Those look delicious!! I should clarify that the many of the recipes I'm talking about are really one-skillet meals too.