Monday, July 26, 2010

On the travel mug

I have a long, sordid and complicated historical relationship with travel mugs.

Ok, perhaps "sordid" would be a bit of an overstatement.

I've been through a whole series of travel mugs that all had one flaw or another. Like the funky white one I had that would keep the coffee warm for about 15 minutes. It came to a crashing end on the floor of a parkade, releasing my fresh coffee all across the pavement. Or the fantastic stainless steel one that kept the coffee warm for hours but that I couldn't fit in any cup holder. I left it somewhere, full of coffee, ne'er to be seen again. Or the innumerable cheap plastic ones with logos on the side of them, gifts for involvement in programs or events. I could never quite get them clean and they all got that black gunk underneath the rim. Or the nice University of Alberta one that I bought a few months ago and put in the dishwasher one too many times such that the lining was starting to separate from the outer shell.

I was beginning to give up hope that a perfect travel mug existed anywhere, but...

Dear readers, I have found THE ONE! Behold!
This is the Urban Elements travel tumbler by Thermos.

It keeps the coffee hot for hours upon hours upon hours. It fits in the car's cup holders. The lid prevents spillage. It has a nice grippy thing around the middle for holding. The outside of the mug stays cool. In short... perfection, for $18 from Superstore in Sherwood Park.

I have my MIL to thank for lending us her identical mugs while we were in Ottawa last week. We took them with us when we drove to Toronto and we knew a good thing when we'd found one. We bought two, one for me and one for John. And we have committed to washing them (by hand) at the end of every day and not leaving them in our offices/cars/golf carts/trunks, etc so that we can continue to enjoy them for a long time!

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  1. Toyota makes a very nice one that is ergonomically stubby so it slips in and out of the Toyota cup holder without clunking on the dashboard.
    Second Cup is a bit too tall for ease of use, but very good in other ways...