Thursday, July 29, 2010

A first kitchen: Part 1 - Introductions

Since I started this blog, I have wanted to write about the experience of setting up a first kitchen, from equipment to gadgets to the pantry. This series will be based on my own experience, my observations of the experiences of others and on the incredible quantity of advice I've received over the years from my mother, my aunts, my friends, my friends' mothers and countless others. Please add your own thoughts, opinions and experiences to the comments!

So first, my kitchen history. I moved out of my mother's home in 2002 and into a two-bedroom apartment with a woman I still refer to as the best roommate EVER. She had been living on her own for a few years before I moved in with her, so her kitchen was already pretty well stocked. Two years later, she had the audacity to get married and to take many of her beautiful kitchen things with her, so I moved into a one bedroom apartment and started building a kitchen of my own. In 2005, I started dating John who was living on his own and had been since he moved to Edmonton in 1997. We moved into our first house together in the fall of 2006 and amalgamated our kitchen collections. This house was affectionately knows as the Wee House, a descriptor which applied as much to the kitchen as the rest of the house. In July 2007, we were married and our now-amalgamated kitchen collection got A LOT nicer. In November 2007, we renovated the wee kitchen. In the summer of 2009, we moved into our current house in Sherwood Park, which offered a much larger kitchen including an actual for-real pantry.

And now, my disclaimer. Obviously, kitchens are as much a reflection of an individual and his/her background as clothing or occupation or community. Kitchens and the food that is prepared in them are affected by age, marital status, ethnicity, family, climate, economics, etc. My first kitchen stories reflect the experience of a young white Canadian female who grew up in a family of five and who is currently married with no children.

That should cover the context and the background! Part 2 of the series will start the discussion about basic equipment!

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