Monday, June 14, 2010

Traquair Jacobite Flavoured Ale

This beautiful bottle of Traquair Jacobite Flavoured Ale was a gift to me from a friend whose charming little boy I babysat yesterday. Because I'm reluctant to take money from my friends for the privilege of playing with their kids for a few hours every once in a while, I often get "paid" in the form of lovely bottles of things! Yesterday I got a bottle of wine to share with my husband and this bottle of beer to share with nobody.

Couple of things I'll mention about this beer (note that the bottle is empty, so I did my homework):
  • This is a beer that is clearly not from around these parts. I know this because the beer label does not have pictures of mountains, ice, snow, yetis, snowboarding women in bikinis etc. This is, in fact, a Scottish beer! Note the thistles on the label!
  • What stood out most for me from the label were these words: "Ale flavored with coriander" ... ... ... That's right, coriander. I have to say that as much as I loved the rich, heavy, malty taste of this beer, I did not get coriander, but I'm not sure that I really would have wanted to get coriander. I'll have to presume that the coriander was a supporting cast member and that they included this detail so prominently on the label in order to attract attention.
Anyway, like I said, this beer is delicious: heavy, rich, serious and dark. And it was a perfect accompaniment to Doritos and home-made guacamole on this hot afternoon.

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