Sunday, June 20, 2010

Meal Planning - June 21 to 25

Earlier this year, my husband and I started meal planning in an intentional way. It was amazing to me how much of our day-to-day stress was eliminated by virtue of some planning and careful weekly grocery shopping. We've relaxed our planning a little bit during the less-busy summer weeks, but in the interest of planning some healthier meals, I've made a plan for this week, starting on Tuesday evening. (John isn't home from his trip until late on Monday night, so I'll do something simply like sandwich and a salad for my own dinner on Monday.)

Tuesday, June 22 - Cedar plank salmon with rice and grilled asparagus

Wednesday, June 23 - John won't be home until late on Wednesday and he's having dinner elsewhere, but I'm going to make BBQ chicken legs and an amazing grilled vegetable pasta salad (recipe to follow in a future post). This meal will provide some leftovers for lunches for the rest of the week!

Thursday, June 24 - Hungarian-style pork chops with sour cream sauce and spinach, from the Weight Watchers in 20 Minutes cookbook. We've made this one before and really like it. For a low-fat recipe, it's rich and flavourful!!

Friday, June 25 - Grilled vegetable - Gruyere sandwiches, also from the WW in 20 minutes cookbook. Instead of Gruyere, I bought Monterey Jack and we'll use the BBQ for this recipe as well, rather than the broiler. We have a party to go to on Friday night, so I didn't want to plan for anything too heavy or big.

And we'll plan for the weekend when the weekend gets here!

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